The following situation will probably be familiar to you: not projectable, sudden bottlenecks, demand of working capacity in business-critical areas or short to medium term peaks in work load of high performers in departments dealing with processes of regulatory relevance or procedures which are time-sensitive for your business operations.

You wish to adequately and flexibly act and find a solution which fulfils all your requirements to manage the shortness of resources: exactly covering your demand, highly qualitative and experienced, short-term availability. At the same time, you do not wish to increase the headcount of your organisation because the critical situation will be time-limited and the accumulating workload is not plan- or foreseeable.

Pharm|AdInterim offers an efficient as well as economic solution: to complement your internal capabilities by external experts – tailored for the function, project or the consultancy mandate for exactly the required period of time.

Pharm|AdInterim provides a network of personalities with outstanding experience in several areas and managing functions (global and national) in the pharmaceutical industry – Medical Affairs, Marketing & Sales as well as Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, and GCP-Quality Assurance.

Flexibility in Terms of What, Where and When

  • Assumption of circumscriptive projects, individual working packages or consultancy mandates within a specified timeframe
  • Demand-oriented absorbing of peaks in workload and bottlenecks in internal resources
  • Flexible services on-site, at locations of the client´s cooperating partners or supporting remote activities from the offices in Wiesbaden

  • Master agreements/back-up services for global and national review and approval processes of promotional and non-promotional material
  • Substitution of qualified personnel during sick leave, annual leave, sabbaticals, pregnancy leave or planned absences
  • Interim projects in case of vacancy or until a qualified successor/candidate for the replacement of key functions will be hired
  • Consultancy mandates targeting organisational structures and management as well as ”hands on” services with operational character
  • Plus, in combination: concept creation, implementation, supervision and adjustment

  • Representing the client in external appointments or meetings (e.g. KOL-visits; Advisory Boards; selection, qualification or monitoring of vendors; audits; preparation of regulatory authority inspections)

  • Network of experienced and highly specialised partners in different areas of the pharmaceutical industry

“Pharm|AdInterim provides a just as efficient as economic solution to you by expanding your internal know-how with external experts: custom-made for the role, the project, or the consulting assignment – exactly for the required period of time.”

Services Ad Interim

  • If there are sudden bottlenecks occurring or acute demand of working capacity is to be expected in business critical areas…

  • If short to medium term peaks in work load arise in departments dealing with processes of regulatory relevance or time-sensitive procedures for your business operations…

  • If at the same time, internal headcount shall not be raised because the duration of the situation is limited, the task is temporary or project related and the resulting workload cannot be exactly calculated…

  • …then external support with external expertise “ad interim” presents itself as a significant relief for your internal resource – exactly for the required period of time.

  • Interim Management for the pharmaceutical industry and biotech entrepreneurs in Medical Affairs (global and national projects in Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, GCP-Quality Assurance)
  • Consulting in business management and organisational consulting for biopharmaceutical industry in situations as: company take-over, re-structuring/re-organisation, implementing new business processes
  • Integrated services for start-ups and new branches of international pharmaceutical companies
  • Definition and analysis of interfaces and processes, interdisciplinary process optimisation and quality-oriented time and capacity analysis to enhance efficiency of teams and their workflows
  • Development of approaches in case of capacity constraints; moderation, supervision, monitoring and subsequent improvement of implemented reassures and processes if required (in the spirit of TQM)
  • Strategy development for newly implemented processes/structures to entry into force and have a lasting effect within the organisation (e.g. SOPs, review and approval processes, staff training, organisational structures (e.g. during re-organisatons, merger, spin-off) or systems (e.g. global data bases, CRM systems, Regulatory Content Management Platforms)

Client Benefit Through…

  • Longstanding experience as specialist and executive manager in the pharmaceutical industry (since 1987)
  • Self-employed interim manager since 2015 working on global and national projects
  • “Insights from outside”
  • No involvement in company politics, no debilitating carrier objectives
  • Focused on work order, objective and subject matter

  • Flexible scope of services within the framework of a master agreement possible
  • Call in of other specialists through network Pharm|AdInterim as needed

Succesfully Managed Interim Projects…

  • Consulting in business management and organisational consulting for new branches of international pharmaceutical companies
  • Global Regulatory Affairs Consultant for review and approval processes of international promotional and non-promotional materials in the therapeutic areas of neurology, rare diseases, haematology, gastroenterology, metabolic diseases, fertility
  • Integrated services for the establishment and organisation of medical departments including preparation for competent authority inspections (pharmacovigilance, wholesale permission)
  • Interim projects in Medical Affairs covering the therapeutic areas of haematology, dermato-oncology and neurology. Design, supervision, evaluation and communication of non-interventional studies and structured collection of real world data in cooperation with contract research organisations
  • Interim support of the “Information Officer” according to § 74a German Drug Law (AMG) in national review and approval processes for promotional and non-promotional material


Locational Advantage

Wiesbaden is located in the center of the Rhine-Main area. Accessibility of clients’ locations in Europe within half a day by plane, train or car. Frankfurt International Airport just half an hour ride away. Offices located in the city center on the so called “Rue”, parking space available. In this way highly flexible services can be provided on-site at the client’s location, in the Wiesbaden offices or in a combination of both.



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